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Chief Joseph Quotes

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I pressed my father's hand and told him I would protect his grave with my life.
My father smiled and passed away to the spirit land.
- Chief Joseph

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My father...
had sharper eyes than the rest of our people.
- Chief Joseph

We gathered all the stock we could find,
and made an attempt to move.
We left many of our horses and cattle in Wallowa.
We lost several hundred in crossing the river.
- Chief Joseph

We ask to be recognized as men.
- Chief Joseph


We gave up some of our country to the white men,
thinking that then we could have peace.
We were mistaken.
The white man would not let us alone.
- Chief Joseph

Treat all men alike.
Give them the same law.
Give them an even chance to live and grow.
- Chief Joseph

We damaged all the big guns we could,
and carried away the powder and the lead.
- Chief Joseph

I have heard talk and talk, but nothing is done.
- Chief Joseph

Some of you think an Indian is like a wild animal.
This is a great mistake.
- Chief Joseph

The white men told lies for each other.
They drove off a great many of our cattle.
Some branded our young cattle so they could claim them.
- Chief Joseph

I did not want my people killed.
I did not want bloodshed.
- Chief Joseph

Hear me, my chiefs!
I am tired.
My heart is sick and sad.
From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.
- Chief Joseph

I know that my race must change.
- Chief Joseph

I want the white people to understand my people.
- Chief Joseph

An Indian respects a brave man, but he despises a coward.
- Chief Joseph

It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good
words and the broken promises.
- Chief Joseph

For a short time we lived quietly.
But this could not last.
White men had found gold in the mountains around the land of winding water.
- Chief Joseph

When my young men began the killing,
my heart was hurt.
- Chief Joseph

If the white man wants to live in peace with the Indian he can live in peace.
- Chief Joseph

I believe much trouble would be saved if we opened our hearts more.
- Chief Joseph

I hope that no more groans of wounded men and women
will ever go to the ear of the Great Spirit Chief above,
and that all people may be one people.
- Chief Joseph

All men were made by the Great Spirit Chief.
They are all brothers.
- Chief Joseph

A man who would not love his father's grave is worse than a wild animal.
- Chief Joseph

General Howard informed me, in a haughty spirit,
that he would give my people 30 days to go back home,
collect all their stock, and move onto the reservation.
- Chief Joseph

Words do not pay for my dead people.
- Chief Joseph

I cannot tell how much my heart suffered for my people while at Leavenworth.
- Chief Joseph

We soon found that the white men were growing rich very fast,
and were greedy.
- Chief Joseph

We did not know there were other people besides the
Indian until about one hundred winters ago,
when some men with white faces came to our country.
- Chief Joseph

I saw that the war could not be prevented.
The time had passed.
- Chief Joseph

The earth is the mother of all people,
and all people should have equal rights upon it.
- Chief Joseph

Let me be a free man - free to travel,
free to stop, free to work.
- Chief Joseph

I will obey every law, or submit to the penalty.
- Chief Joseph

You might as well expect rivers to run backwards as
any man born free to be contented penned up.
- Chief Joseph

A chief called Lawyer, because he was a great talker,
took the lead in the council, and sold nearly all the Nez Perce country.
- Chief Joseph

It does not require many words to speak the truth.
- Chief Joseph

I labored hard to avoid trouble and bloodshed.
- Chief Joseph

The Indian race are waiting and praying.
- Chief Joseph

My father was the first to see through the schemes of the white man.
- Chief Joseph

It required a strong heart to stand up against such talk,
but I urged my people to be quiet and not to begin a war.
- Chief Joseph

We had good white friends who advised us against taking the war path.
My friend and brother, Mr. Chapman, told us just how the war would end.
- Chief Joseph

When an Indian fights, he only shoots to kill.
- Chief Joseph

Our people could not talk with these white-faced men,
but they used signs which all people understand.
- Chief Joseph

I would have given my own life if I could have undone
the killing of white men by my people.
- Chief Joseph

Good words will not give me back my children.
- Chief Joseph

I am tired of talk that comes to nothing.
- Chief Joseph

From where the sun now stands I will fight no more.
- Chief Joseph

War can be avoided, and it ought to be avoided.
I want no war.
- Chief Joseph

My people were divided about surrendering.
- Chief Joseph

I said in my heart that, rather than have war,
I would give up my country.
- Chief Joseph

We had a great many horses, of which we gave Lewis
and Clark what they needed,
and they gave us guns and tobacco in return.
- Chief Joseph

I would give up everything rather than have the blood
of white men upon the hands of my people.
- Chief Joseph

I will speak with a straight tongue.
- Chief Joseph

I saw clearly that war was upon us when I learned that
my young men had been secretly buying ammunition.
- Chief Joseph

Lawyer acted without authority from our band.
He had no right to sell the Wallowa country.
- Chief Joseph

I only ask of the government to be treated as all other men are treated.
- Chief Joseph

Governor Isaac Stevens of the Washington Territory
said there were a great many white people in our country,
and many more would come; that he wanted the land marked
out so that the Indians and the white man could be separated.
- Chief Joseph

The first white men of your people who came to our
country were named Lewis and Clark.
They brought many things that our people had never seen.
They talked straight.
These men were very kind.
- Chief Joseph

A woman's heart must be of such a size and no larger,
else it must be pressed small, like Chinese feet;
her happiness is to be made as cakes are,
by a fixed recipe.
- George Eliot

Pressed caviar has the consistency of chilled tar.
- William E. Geist

Pressed into service means pressed out of shape.
- Robert Frost

I think I'd have done better if I had been a little
more relaxed-if I had not pressed quite so hard,
if I'd not lost quite so much sleep.
- Charles Kuralt

But his kiss was so sweet, and so closely he pressed,
that I languished and pined till I granted the rest.
- John Gay

I think anybody would be hard pressed not to relate
to at least one of the characters,
because there's so many different multifaceted people
populating this crazy world.
- Michael C. Hall

A girl told me my lips looked like somebody had pressed
strawberry yogurt against my face.
- Katherine Heigl

Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.
- Anatole Broyard

I very much dislike writing about myself or my work,
and when pressed for autobiographical material can
only give a bare chronological outline which contains no pertinent facts.
- Shirley Jackson

I'm hard-pressed to think of a lot of great rock movies.
- Paul Westerberg

Each mind is pressed, and open every ear,
to hear new tidings, though they no way joy us.
- Edward Fairfax

It's a story of little girls who are pressed into working in sweat shops in games,
who spend all day doing repetitive grinding tasks like making shirts,
which are then converted into gold and sold on eBay.
- Cory Doctorow

Asked at the hearing why she hadn't pressed the FBI
more closely about what it knew,
or didn't know, about domestic terrorist threats,
Rice acted as though the question was an odd one:
it wasn't her job.
Well, in retrospect, it was and now certainly is.
- Howard Fineman

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel pressed
and tense almost every day of my life about something or other.
And I think it's the one thing, as I look into people's eyes,
that I think I share with almost everybody.
- William Friedkin

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